The world of blogging – it was easier to give birth

Holy Tumbleweed! It was easier planning the birth of my children than it was getting this blog started!

To start off, I am not very computer-savy. The words “Melissa” and “technology” should not be in a single sentence, unless it reads: “Melissa hates technology.” It took me years to open a Facebook Page, and it seems like every single month those “computer savy” geeks are forcing me to change how I communicate with my 177 “friends” — which is more friends than I ever had back in high school!! (But that can be for another blog!)

Anyways, as I was saying, the choice to blog has been on my mind for nearly two years. People (mostly those 177 “friends” keep telling me to start a blog, so by the time this website goes “live” all 177 “friends” better “follow” this damn blog so I don’t waste my time!) have told me time and time again to start a blog. I thought it would be a piece of cake.

I was so wrong.

So, so wrong.

Does anyone really care what my “theme” is? I spent 30 minutes deciding on this one, so if you don’t like the background, or how the page looks to YOU, too bad. Just read my blog and move on with your day.

I spent a nano-second deciding whether or not I wanted an epidural during labor with my pregnancies. The answer was “HELL yes! You try pushing two kids out of your (bleek!) and tell me if YOU want an epidural!”


Anyways, I also had to pick a photo to use. Heaven knows I don’t want the public to know what I look like. So, I found a photo of my kids instead. Relax, you can’t see them anyways – they are all dressed up in their 20 layers of winter clothing. You can only tell which two are the twins because they are slightly smaller than the 9-year-old.

As for what to CALL my blog – for someone who writes for a living and has a degree in journalism – I did what most people do these days – I posted my question on Facebook!

“What should I call my blog?”

I ended up going with what my cousin wanted me to call it: Mom of Three Living in BFE.

We live on only 2.5 acres of land, yes, I know that is small potatoes compare to my friends who live on many more acres of land, but oh well, this is country-enough for me. Plus, the name was available, which means I am the only one on www.wordpress.com who feels they deserve this blog title. Go Me!

Right now, I am a bit confused because my computer screen it telling me it’s 10:35 p.m., but wordpress.com is telling me it’s 3:34 a.m. WTF? What country is this blog site coming from?

That will be another problem for me to deal with later.

I am also looking at all of these little icons telling me what I can, cannot and should do — safe draft (well, that may be a good idea); preview (I will try that in a second), move to trash (highlighted in RED, does that mean they think my first blog sucks?) or publish (maybe not). I also see a list of “formats” – I don’t dare click on one of those buttons because instead of this being written, you may soon all see me where it says “video” and that would be horrendous! I wish I could find the simple SPELLCHECK but I can’t, so for all you English Lit./Grammar (I spelled that right!), keep your comments to yourself! Next time I will write this blog the correct way – on a Word document – and spellcheck!

Right now, I need to figure out how to get this post uploaded before I go “postal” and end up drinking the rest of the bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita – which by the time here, would make me drinking it at 3:35 in the middle of the night, or early morning hours!

4 thoughts on “The world of blogging – it was easier to give birth”

  1. I laughed at your 2.5 acres statement. If you have 2.5 acres of land here, that is a lot. You need to move out a bit in the country before that becomes common. We are still too close to NY City. Our cabin in NY is on 8.5 acres and our friends always ask us if we farm(???). I am like “Have you ever seen a farm???” 8.5 acres won’t really cut it. Of course, our friends that still live in NYC think we are rural because our neighborhood does not have sidewalks and we have more than one car! They are mental.

    1. I see snakes out here … little ones and I freak out! Dead mice, I just scoop em’ up and toss in the burn pit! And that farming question is funny. I have a friend who has 25 acres and I asked her if she farms it, and she was like, “Well, we grow stuff, but you need more than 100 to FARM.” Oh, duh!

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