Third grade drama – all over again

Life in the 1980s was so much easier than it is now!

Sure, everyone had their problems, but man, with the amount of drama taking place in “Third Grade 2011-2012,” I could not only write a book, but a screenplay as well! (Wonder how much I would “net” for a screenplay?)

The only problem I remember having in third grade was giving our school custodian change for a 50-cent piece when his cupcake was 10-cents during our “Third Grade Bake Sale.” I actually was sweating bullets doing this and it was for a math grade.

I came close to failing.

But third grade in the 21st century is for the birds!

Between reading projects that tend to take up my entire Thursday night (Sorry Grey’s Anatomy, I will catch up with you in the summer, or whenever); playground drama; and classroom drama, I am simply SPENT.

The current problem is third grade boys. You think GIRLS are “catty” and “cliquey” oh, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet my friend!

Boys making fun of boys due to their shirts; selection of sports; selection of FRIENDS; selection of interests. Seriously, YOU ARE ALL IN THE THIRD GRADE!

Sorry that my son wore a shirt with, OMG, a guitar on it!

Sorry that my son enjoys soccer and doesn’t play football! I just know that we went to the ER enough times when my son was younger due to “Nurse Maid’s Elbow” and let me tell you, watching the doctors and nurses “set his elbow back in place” is enough to send any parent crying on their knees.

As for friends … my son is a “transplant” – meaning we did not grow up in our current community. Yes, we actually MOVED here before he attended school. But so what? So what that we aren’t part of the “in-crowd.” It’s THIRD GRADE! Is there even an “in-crowd” to belong too? Apparently, there is. Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

And interests. My son loves Legos. He can put together a 600+ piece toy in hours. So what that he reads … he is doing so at a 5th grade reading level! Maybe you outta hire him to tutor YOUR son?

This blog isn’t to tell the world that my son is brilliant. His teacher already told me that back in November. This blog is for the parents of the boys who are making my son’s third grade life a living hell.

Oh, yeah, I am sooo joining the PTA next year!!

Watch out “Bitches in the Burbs” … “The Bitch of the Country” is coming!

5 thoughts on “Third grade drama – all over again”

  1. I have to say you just scared me. My biggest fear is for my kids to be teased in school. I still remember how it hurts, I want better for them. To hear it is starting as early as third grade has made me opt for home schooling!!!

  2. It will get better. I was a fat kid through most of grade school and spent a large portion of my time trying to avoid fights. I hated most of school and just refused to do any work taking a large collection of C grades along with me. I know what being outside the cool group is like. But, if your peak of coolness is in HS, you are in for a long long life……..As for shirts, stick with solid colors 🙂

    You guys seem to have your heads screwed on right and I am sure that your kids will be just fine.

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