Flashback of the week that was … Thank GOD it’s OVER

It’s been nearly a week since I have blogged. I am sorry that you have all been living without your daily dose of “Thank God I am not Melissa!”

Last weekend, I traveled back to my hometown with my children – sans the hubby. I am glad to report that we made it there, and back, safe and sound.

However, the trip that typically takes about 2 and a half hours took nearly 3+ hours coming back. On the way back home, I visited some of the most disgusting pit-toilets I have ever seen.

AND, what trip wouldn’t be complete without having to pull over on the side of the road and have my youngest son tinkle in a Wendy’s frosty cup because there was no bathroom in sight after he exclaimed, “MOM!! I peed my pants!”

Rock on!

Ah, let’s see …

Also, this week a high school student walked into a local school and shot random classmates who were waiting for school to start. Three ended up dead, two were injured. He destroyed many families, including his own.

This caused my oldest son to freak out and begin sleep walking.

So much for school being “a safe haven” for children. I had to explain to him why people do bad things.

I also realized that having the SEX talk in a few years will be a helluva lot easier than explaining why a student felt so bad with his life that he had to shoot others.

I ditched my Lenten “thing.” … I was suppose to give up alcohol, but then the shootings took place, son began sleep walking (almost down to the basement), so I figured God won’t mind if I have a glass of wine with dinner. After all, he turned water INTO wine at a wedding …

Lastly, I spent nearly six hours waiting for Direct TV to come fix our receiver. I had to endure watching/listening to “Laurie Berkner” on DVDs while the twins banged on the drum and blew into a recorder.

Sadly, I knew all the songs they were playing along with.

TV man finally fixed the TV.

Thank GOD, because NOW I am listening to “Max and Ruby” … which by the way … where in the hell are their parents?

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