Spring break sucks the fun out of spring

Two dreaded words for me – Spring Break.

It just doesn’t make me smile AT. ALL.

Maybe one day it will – like when the children are all working jobs during that week and I am able to drink a cup of coffee in silence.

But man, as a stay-at-home mom, I dread that week-long vacation smack dab in the middle of the spring. Or in our case in Ohio at the moment, winter. It was actually snowing today. Kinda makes it hard to get into the whole “spring break” feeling.

As a child, I never hated spring break. But that is because my parents would take on us mini-trips. Then again, they both worked in the school system, so they had the week off too. And clearly, they knew well in advance to plan something for us to do during that dreaded week because we never stayed home.

However, my husband has a “real job” and damnit, those accountants cannot take off in April.

So, alas, it’s me and the kids.

Thus far we have:

Painted pictures (and the kitchen table).

Played with playdough (that has to be the worst creation EVER because it doesn’t stay in one perfect form. No, over the course of 30 minutes, my children manage to get playdough into a million-gazillion pieces!)

Visited a library for a Lego Block Party (at least that got us out of the house for almost two hours).

Practiced writing their names/letters/numbers.

Read book after book after book – I have many memorized by now that if I needed to, they could lose the book, but I’d still be able to recite it to them word for word.

Rode bikes.

And, watched TV. Today, that was the  main activity – as much as I hate plopping them in front of the “nanny” my brain was hurting and it was tired of thinking of mundane activities to keep them occupied.

The highlight of my day was cooking dinner – and for those that know me that is like HUGE because I hate cooking!

Maybe tomorrow I can send them out to the garage and they can bother the cat instead of bothering me.