Hoarders R’Us

I watch “Hoarders” and the other “Buried Alive” show – they are both the same. People collect everything under the sun and refuse to part with it.

Today, I decided to clean out my pantry in order to make room for a new shelf I purchased, to well, hold more stuff.

In the hour-plus I spent inside my pantry here is what I found:

A bag of 50 glue sticks

What in the hell was I going to glue that required me to own 50 glue sticks? I don’t craft. I don’t scrapbook. I do know that I have carried these glue sticks from one house to another. Today, I finally pitched them. I can always buy another 50 at the Dollar Tree.

A box of Sweet & Low

And, I don’t mean a small box. I mean a box that should be sitting on the shelves at Starbucks waiting for people to dig in and open a package to pour in their coffee. At one time, there were 1,500 Sweet & Low packets. I have no idea why I needed an entire case of this crap. There is no way I would ever drink 1,500 glasses of ice tea in a year, let alone a lifetime (which is the only time I MAY use this product). BUT, if you need to sweeten up your life, just let me know and I will gladly share my sugar!

Two boxes of plastic silverware

OK, we are known to have parties here at our house – birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. But, do I really need to own 690 pieces of plastic silverware? Do you know how many parties we would need to have, or people here, to use that many? I think the next time I will need a throng of plastic utensils will be when my oldest son graduates – and that is 10 years away. I think we can stop buying forks in bulk.

A box full of plastic bags

Yes, you read that correctly. We have 1,000 plastic bags (well, probably more like 980 now). A few years ago, we became the owners of two cats. Two cats and two litter boxes … that means a lot of cat crap. We started to run out of plastic bags to put their bodily fluids/solids  in, so we bought stock in plastic bags. It’s been five years since we became cat owners and we haven’t even used half of the plastic bags sitting in the box. Chances are, if there is ever a need for a single plastic bag in your home, just let me know and I can float you several hundred!