A glimpse into my future 15 years from today

Pre-school graduation

Today, I saw my life flash before my eyes as my 3-year-old twins graduated from pre-school.

When my oldest graduated from the 4-year-old program, I was pregnant with the twins and while I do remember the ceremony, what I remember most is what I was HUGE and hot, and just suffered through what may be the worst haircut of my life.

So, once I enrolled the twins for the 3-year-old program, I didn’t think the year would end like it did today.

When I dropped them off on their first day of school back in September 2011, I nearly cart-wheeled myself out the front door.

Today, I wanted to crawl at a snail’s pace as I took my place on the grassy lawn.

I was fine while the children were playing on the playground; coloring pages; eating ice cream; and making a craft.

It was what came next.

The little paper graduation hats, standing in line singing the ABCs and other cute songs and then … the diplomas.

As their names were called, I grabbed my camera and took photo after photo.

And then, she started to cry.

And by “she” I mean my daughter. Out of nowhere, came the flood of tears. Meanwhile her brother just looked at her and I am pretty sure he was thinking “What is the problem? We just had ice cream in the morning! And we played at the park!”

But she said, “I am so sad. I love Ms. Julie and Ms. Lora!”

Other moms started to gather around, and then I started to cry!

The sad thing is … when we cry, my daughter and I look like the twins as we get all blotchy faces and red eyes. And, I bet you a million dollars, 15 years from now, when they graduate from high school, we will both be crying and have blotchy faces together … I just hope the next 15 years slow down a teeny tiny bit.