Discovering the true meaning of friendship

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”
~ Elizabeth Foley

I didn’t have to join a fancy, costly sorority in college to find my group of true friends.
My true friends lived within the Bowling Green State University campus dorms (Prout Hall and Founders) and West Hall (home of The BG News).
I should have known that when I first declared my major in high school that criminal justice wasn’t going to take me very far. But, I was stubborn and thought I could change the world one troubled teenager at a time.
So, I suffered through criminal justice 101 and before starting my second semester, with the help of my English Professor, I changed my major to journalism.
It was the change in my field of study that ultimately led me to meet six wonderful friends.
For more than 15 years, we have been through thick and thin.
We have traveled across the state of Ohio for bridal showers; baby showers; and sadly, even funerals for our loved ones. We have witnessed weddings and saw our circle of friends grow as each child has been born.
And despite the fact that we all live in different parts of Ohio, no matter how many times per year we do get together, we fall back in step with where we left off. There is rarely a moment of silence amongst the seven of us.
And during the times we do not see each other, we still support each other through it all. We have called upon each other in all hours of the day (and night) when parents have passed away. We have comforted each other through miscarriages and other infertility problems. We have supported each other through career changes.
We have laughed so hard we cried.
And we never judge each other. Instead, we offer advice.
True, there have been times when we may not have seen eye-to-eye on everything, but we have grown from our trials and tribulations.
And even though our lives take us in different directions, we all know that we can turn to each other because we never will grow apart.
So, thank you “BGSU Girls” for being there and allowing me to discover the true meaning of friendship.