Twins Festival – A “festivus for the rest-of-us”

ImageTwins, Twins, Twins.

Triplets, Triplets, Triplets.

Everywhere I looked on Saturday, I was seeing either double or triple.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we made the trek to Twinsburg, Ohio – The Largest Gathering of Twins in THE WORLD.

The youngest twins there that day were 7 weeks old. (I don’t even remember when ours were 7 weeks old due to sleep deprivation.) And the oldest twins were 97 years old.

In order to make the day “extra special” I registered the twins this year – to make it “official.”

Since they are fraternal boy/girl twins, unless you know them, you may not think they were born on the same day.

At least to me they look different – naturally since one is a girl with long, curly blonde hair and then there is the boy with straight, brown hair.

Yet had it not been for the summer months, they may have actually won “least alike” in their category.

But since the sun has bleached my son’s hair, he and his sister have the same color hair now.

I didn’t notice how similar they actually DO look until I saw the other sets of boy/girl twins in our category.

I guess since I see them every single day, they look nothing alike. Nor do they act alike.

But when they get up in the morning, you can tell they are indeed twins because they miss each other. To not be able to talk or see your “womb partner” for nearly 12 hours must be odd to them.

This morning, as my husband and I lay in bed, we heard our son tell his sister, “GOOD JOB!!!” We aren’t sure what they were doing, but clearly she did something he approved of.

So, all in all, to realize that others see them as “twins” made me very happy because they are, after all, twins and that is something special.

There is a bond between them that no one will ever understand.

And as their mom, I think that is pretty cool.