Legos vs. Polly Pocket

One month ago, I thought Legos were the worst toys created.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have stepped on; vacuumed up; or dust-busted the tiny toys. Aside from them taking over a large table in my basement, they have now made their way into my older son’s bedroom, which would be fine if he didn’t have like a bed in his bedroom, which he kinda needs to sleep on.

Another problem I have with Legos is they generally come in SETS to BUILD. That means, LegoMan buys $50 worth or more Lego SETS and spends three hours building said set to then have sit on a dresser collecting inches of dust because …

But tonight, I met a girl named “Polly Pocket.”

For those parents who have not entered Polly’s Universe because they either – a. have girls who are too young to care for Polly or b. they have all boys – let me tell you about her.

She is a tiny (not as tiny as a Lego man, but still …), gel-like figurine who is next to impossible to dress. Because of her gel-like body, it takes me 5 minutes to put a pair of pants on, just to have my daughter decide, “NO, I want her to have a skirt!”

Whoever decided Polly outta be gel-like needs to be smacked.

Then, we have her million and one accessories.

Purses; hand-bags; shell make-up “compacts;” microphones; suitcases; hangers (for what?); combs; brushes; and my all-time personal favorite – SHOES!!!

I swear, whoever invited Polly Pocket must have either been a man or a mom pissed off at someone because no woman in their right mind would create a figurine that requires all the effort in the world to put on a pair of pants on a gel-like body.

I better not break a nail on Polly … or she too may end up in the vacuum cleaner or dust-buster.


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