Time traveling back to the 1980s

Oh, what would it be like to time travel back to the 1980s?
My brother and I were discussing this very topic tonight as I brought up the topic of my mom celebrating her 60th birthday on Jan. 29. I myself will be celebrating my 21st birthday (plus 14 years) on Jan. 26.
So, we were texting about how fun it would be to travel back to the 1980s to see our parents as they were at our age.
I definitely think my dad and I would gel, as would my brother and dad. My mom, she would be like a 50-50 raffle ticket. But yet, on the flip-side, she and I were made from the same cloth. So, yes, we would gel too.
Looking at old videos and photos from that era, you could tell who was the “fun” parent – dad. You could also easily tell who the “authority” was – mom.
But that made sense since mom spent most of her time with us. Only problem was, every time she would (gasp) spank us, we’d laugh. Seriously. We would.
When dad spanked us, we never forgot. But we also never feared him either. We respected him (most of the time).
Mom was the one who made sure we got on the bus every morning or to school on time. And, she was the one who picked us up from the sitters. My dad would often spend his afterschool hours either on the football field or basketball court coaching. Yet, then again, he did get extra pay for extra time at the school.
Anyways, we were thinking how fun it would be to travel back to “visit” them. Or, for the very least, be a fly on the wall in our old living room – with yes, the orange-shag carpeting.
My brother, who has followed in dad’s footsteps, is now a teacher in Florida.
He just told me that “35 back then was a different era.”
True, but weren’t they essentially the same people?
And by looking at the attached photo, my dad and I visited the same beautician for our awesome perms!
But honestly, looking back, my dad was always the more laid-back parent while my mom was the stricter parent.
Yet, the combo of both made my brother and me the people we are today.
We were both raised to be honest. We were raised to be held accountable for our actions. We were both raised to have a strong work ethic. And, we both know that humor tends to get everyone though the best/worst of times.
Today, my brother is a teacher at a middle school in Okeechobee, Florida where every day he has to deal with teens. He must be on a mission from God. I don’t know how he does it, plus he is the head of the history department. I am very impressed, especially since I was the one who always dreamed of being a teacher.
And I am a stay-at-home mom who has never left her work ethic behind as I have continued to freelance since I gave birth to my oldest nearly 10 years ago.
(Ugh, that just makes me feel old.)
Yeah, I think some days I would prefer to travel back to the year 1987 where I was only 9 years old and didn’t have a care in the world!
But, knowing where I am today, and who got me here, is so worth the 35 years I have been alive!
Thanks mom and dad for showing Z and I the best path to follow! We know at times we haven’t always been “kosher” children; but ya know, I think we turned out OK.