‘Girls just wanna have fun’ – but fun comes with a price

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” – a lyric from 1980s music icon, Cyndi Lauper – was the theme of the past weekend.
And, I was all about celebrating my 35th birthday with lots and lots of fun.
The weekend starting out like any normal weekend.
Jazzercise on Friday morning, followed by a dreadful trip to WallyWorld (because for me, no trip to WallyWorld is ever a fun-filled event).
It wasn’t dreadful in the way you may think – the twins actually behaved; no one ran away from me; and the store wasn’t wall-to-wall Wal-Mart City People.
The unspeakable discomfort took place down the baking aisle where I ran into a woman I had just seen at Jazzercise 15 minutes before.
The mother and I started to chit-chat and the topic quickly moved to “My daughter’s birthday is today.”
I said, “Oh, mine is tomorrow!”
Crafty mom said, “And, I am buying all the fixings to make her HAMBURGER CUPCAKES!”
WTF? (Not only would I have no idea how to make such cupcakes, but honestly, it sounds disgusting.)
Undomesticated me, “Oh … wow” – as I stood, holding my shopping cart filled with five kinds of cupcakes – red velvet, cherry chip, cookies and cream, chocolate and vanilla. These were of course pre-made by the WallyWorld bakery, because afterall, someone has to keep them in the baking business, and it minds well be me!
I quickly shuffled off to the next item on my list – ice cream.I wanted to get down that aisle before she found me again to tell me she made her ice cream from scratch.
But no worries, I still found her again, in the underwear department where she told me she had to change her idea from HAMBURGER CUPCAKES to … SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALL CUPCAKES!
Again, WTF? Are you serious?
Well, after that, I began to suffer a mid-life crisis and was just so flustered that when the twins and I were in the electronic department, I managed to knock over an entire display of Turbo Tax boxes. And no, I did not run over to try to stop the display from tumbling to the ground. I stood there, in WallyWorld, with my hands over my eyes as the twins said, “MOOOOM, YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL!”
Thanks guys! (And, I bet somewhere, someone took MY photo that will end up on the WallyWorld City People website!)
Ok, so still I knew I would still have fun on my birthday weekend.
Saturday morning rolled around. Family began arriving for the big weekend birthday bash that was in honor of me and my son’s birthdays.
And the wine started to flow.
Around 4 p.m. I had the great idea to Just Dance with my niece.
There I was, drinking wine and bustin’ my dance moves in my basement. I was Shakira, Beyonce and Cyndi Lauper all rolled into one person.
Anyone wanna guess where this “fun girl” ended up today?
At her doctor’s office with a moderate case of “Playing the stupid Wii screwed up my back so bad I need pain pills and muscle relaxers.”
Anyone want to guess who took this “fun girl” to her appointment? Her dad! And guess who stayed behind with the twins? Her mom!
So, yes, 35 years to the weekend of my birth, my parents were “taking care of me” again, and my children.
Yes, girls just wanna have fun … but there is a price – no Wii for me.

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