A scary thought — Children are mirrors of their parents

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Melissa - 1983
Melissa – 1983
People have always told me, “KK is a mini you!”
And, I typically brush off the comment, thinking, “Nah …”
But today, it has hit me. She is a Mini Melissa.
So far, Mini Melissa has declared that her dad and I need this new tummy tuck wrap that she saw on an infomercial.
That is how my day started. Her informing me that I need a tummy tuck. It’s true, I would love a tummy tuck since the skin that once fit my body looks like a deflated beach ball, I really don’t need/want her input.
After she sat with me for an hour watching her “new” favorite show “Full House,” she ventured into my closet and walked out donning my knee-high black boots. I told my husband about her new shoe obsession yesterday and he wrote me back saying, “She is NOT leaving the house until she is 30.”
Gosh, I hope not! If she is still here when she is 30, I am gonna be on an island sippin’ a fruity drink till she leaves.
So, anyways, back to Mini Melissa.
As I was sitting on her bedroom floor, patiently waiting for her to tinkle, I hear this coming from the bathroom: WHY DON’T BOYS EVER EVER EVER PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN? DDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEERRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!
I fear for the day when she actually falls into the toilet in the middle of the night. She is going to scream and most likely, WWIII will erupt inside our house. That is why ever night before I journey into sleep land, which is around midnight, I double check to make sure the seat is ready for her – I also dread the night I forget to look and she falls in.
Since she is my Mini Melissa, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she is nosey.
I was cleaning up the kitchen floor that Derek destroyed with his salad and I see her head pop down and her voice booms, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING MOM?!”
Cleaning the floor KK, just cleaning the floor – it’s not that exciting, really.
She also tries to “mother hen” her brother. Today, she was following him around the house and I hear his voice boom, “KK LEAVE ME ALONE! GO AWAY!”
She is kinda nosey like that. It’s not really her fault. I blame DNA, while I still think she looks like her daddy, she is ALL Melissa. Which scares the crap out of me because I clearly remember how I was as a teenager, and it wasn’t pretty.