Mom of Three is getting’ down and dirty – in the garden


Some mom’s love getting bracelets, necklaces, rings, spa treatments or even breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.

That’s not me.

Of course, I love a nice massage once in a while and I already have an “anniversary” ring – as for the other pieces of jewelry, I never wear necklaces and bracelets only are worn for special occasions – like the holidays. And as for breakfast in bed – I’d settle for the opportunity to drink my coffee in one sitting without having to reheat it five times in the microwave before I finish it off in the morning.

So, no, instead over this past weekend, my loving husband, along with his dad and our kids tossed mulch into what will become my new “flower garden.” I already have a veggie garden, but it’s too early to plant anything.

Today, as the twins were learning their ABCs and 123s; and the oldest was taking his Ohio Achievement Test (we just call it OAT – as in oatmeal because it’s a crappy test that makes everyone grumpy – much like we view oatmeal in this house – a crappy knockoff to cereal) – I ventured into the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH – THOME FARMS GREENHOUSE.

Walking inside the massive greenhouse that is sprawling with fresh flowers and shrubs is my version of walking into Heaven. No one walks into Thome Farms Greenhouse in a bad mood – quite the opposite of when I pull into the parking lot of Wally World. No, at Thome Farms Greenhouse people are smiling. They wander around the rows and rows of garden items, with a smile on their face, wanting to help others create a magical place in their own yard.

As I walked around their magic kingdom, employees asked me if I needed help – and they actually wanted to help!

In my backyard, my magical garden is a place where butterflies and hummingbirds flutter from flower to flower, along with bees. A place where stone fairies sit alongside frogs and stepping stones. I live for the day when I can look out from my deck and see a rainbow of color.

I spent over $100 today at Thome Farms Greenhouse. I am well on my way to beautifying my backyard. Next on the list – veggies.

But first, I need to get down and dirty – and plant the 15 plants I bought today.