Graduating from toddler beds to bunk beds causes a sleepless night

“Derek, are you OK?” – Katie asked. “I’m gonna check on you!”

Tonight is the first night they are bunking in bunk beds.
We bought the set on Memorial Day – and trust me, I am going to remember this week for the rest of my life because every day I heard, “MOM, when are we getting our new beds?”
Tuesday their daddy took them to WallyWorld to buy BIG KID BEDDING. We now have Dora and Spiderman sleeping with the twins tonight.
Everywhere we went this week, Katie told people about the bunk beds – even my nail stylist at the salon heard about the beds.
So, the bunk beds arrived today via my hubby and his buddy – as this was clearly a two-man process – and two beers too.
I am gonna be honest … I most likely will not sleep tonight. I will be the parent tossing-and-turning and checking on them – much like I did the first night we brought them home from the hospital nearly five years ago. I will be the parent listening for the THUMP in the middle of the night – signaling someone fell out of bed. Yes, the top bunk has a rail, but ya know … that isn’t easing my fears that he will somehow roll over it and fall the 5 feet to the floor – which is also lined with pillows. I should also mention that I placed five pillows around the top bunk railing – for extra support. So, before he’d fall out of the bed, he’d have to flop over the pillows and the railing before landing on the ground.
This is clearly an adjustment for them too. We put them to bed 45 minutes ago, and every 5 minutes we hear voices and the door creeping open.
So far, they have had to pee, poop, announced they are HOT, someone needs a wipe (she is also naked), requested a drink of water and begged to be tucked back in – for the fourth time.
I knew this day would come … the day when we would have to bid farewell to the toddler beds. I just wasn’t planning on losing any sleep over the change.
P.S. It’s now approaching midnight in Ohio and I am still up … … … does a parent really ever stop worrying about their kids? I think the answer is, “Once a parent, always a parent.”