God received a new angel today

Aunt Mimi
Aunt Mimi
My great-aunt MaryAnn Seskar, who was known to many as just “Mimi,” is now dancing in heaven with her mom, sister and brothers, plus other relatives who have passed away.
Mimi was a woman who was quiet, but was often heard.
She could begin a conversation with almost anyone, over anything. And, likewise, she had questions for everything under the sun – so I guess one could say she had her “nose” in journalism because of the way she wanted to know about everything from TV remotes to the way people borrow books/movies at the local library.
It’s like every day was a new day for her.
She never married, or had children of her own, but she knew all of her nephews/nieces and great-nephews and great-nieces, and even great-great nephews and nieces.
My mom once told me the story of how she, my aunt Chrissy and Mimi would travel into downtown Cleveland on the weekends.
When my cousin Sara and I met up at my Grandma’s house, we walked the single block down the street to visit Aunt Mimi. It was a big deal back in the 1980s, when we were 10 and under to walk alone, down the street, by ourselves, to visit her. I remember walking through her backyard where she had a rose garden with the statue of the Virgin Mary as the centerpiece.
Aunt Mimi also was very proud of her doll house collection.
And we aren’t talking about the “Barbie Dream house” collection. We are talking about building a dollhouse and spending hours decorating every single room with attention to detail. These were the dollhouses that we were not allowed to touch, but only admire. Yet, Sara and I didn’t care. It was a special treat to walk up to her attic to see the dollhouses.
Aunt Mimi was invited and came to every single family event we hosted – birthday parties, baptisms, First Communions and all holidays.
The last time I saw Aunt Mimi was at a family graduation party. We chatted, mostly about politics, and other non-sense items. She was dressed in blue and looked very pretty.
That was on Saturday, May 25.
On Tuesday, May 28 she underwent a medical test to see why it was so painful for her to walk.
On Wednesday, May 29 she underwent open-heart surgery to unclog arteries (some of which were 90 percent or more blocked).
Since May 29, she had made a remarkable recovery for someone who was 80 years old. She amazed all of her doctors and nurses. She was set to be discharged later this week.
She was looking forward to going home, eventually, to spend time with her dog, Corky and her sister, Louise and brother, Frank and other relatives at the upcoming “Seskar Family Reunion.”
Sadly, instead of attending the family reunion, it seems as if everyone will be reconnecting at her funeral this week.
She died today, during a therapy session. Her doctor reassured my grandma that she was in no pain and basically just fainted and never recovered.
So, on this day, the day of Aunt Mimi passing away, it’s important for my family to remember the lady who would strike up a conversation about TV remotes – a conversation that lasted nearly 30 minutes long.
RIP Aunt Mimi
Love, Your Family Here on Earth
P.S. Corky is in good hands at Amber’s farm in Sullivan!