Reestablishing my role as “MOM;” not “MAID” this summer

I know it’s my own fault.
I am a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to all the beds in my house being made; the pillows on the couch being in the right spot; and the throw blankets need to be folded and placed over the couch/chairs.
I can’t help that … it was that way in college for me.
It’s also part of my DNA as my dad has always said, “everything has a place.”
But, what I didn’t realize is that my anal-ways have not allowed my children to do things for themselves.
Case in point –
My 10-year-old son does not make his bed.
My 10-year-old son does not know how to use the microwave.
My 10-year-old son does not have the knowledge of how to open the fridge and find himself a snack.
My 10-year-old son does not know how to make himself a sandwich.
Well my friends, that is all about to change NOW.
I refuse to be his MAID this summer.
He is perfectly capable of learning how to maneuver himself around a kitchen. He knows how to use computers and make PowerPoint presentations, he can figure out the microwave.
He knows how to make a mess with mud and grass – that tells me he can figure out how to slap some lunchmeat on two slices of bread and call it “lunch” with veggies on the side.
As for the twins … they are pretty self-sufficient for being 5 years old. I no longer get them dressed. I generally toss their clothes on the floor and tell them to put them on. Some days though, I just don’t care what they wear and they fend for themselves.
They are now setting the table for dinner.
They help me empty the dishwasher.
They fold clothes with me.
I guess the point is … we “gave in” to our 10-year-olds demands – and that is our fault as parents. Perhaps part of that is because the twins came along when he was 5 and we didn’t want him to feel “abandoned” after their arrival, so we did things for him.
And now it’s biting us in the ass.
So, this will be the summer the 10-year-old learns to take care of himself, under our guidance.
Lord help us all!