School fashion in 1980s vs. 2013

Kindergarten photo AKA Mug Shot
Kindergarten photo AKA Mug Shot
Everyone who has a social media account tends to chronicle the lives of their children.
I am guilty as well.
I am just thankful Facebook wasn’t up and running when I was a young girl – because being a child in the mid-1980s was a scary time with balloon pants and mega-perm hair-dos.
And, if those weren’t bad enough, just being a child of the 1980s was.
For my kindergarten photo, or at least for the photo that was sent home to my parents could have been taken from death row. (See photo above) I mean, seriously, I do not look like a happy-go-lucky child that my parents claimed I was … I look like I belong in a psych ward.
Skip ahead to sixth grade – that was the year I begged my mom to “make my hair nice” for school photos. She curled it. I looked like a floppy-mop wearing a hideous plaid jumper.
After I attended parochial school, it was time to enter public school and venture over to the Defiance Junior High School where the “Mean Girls” ruled the school.
I had no idea I was suppose to own five pairs of “Guess” jeans and an equal number of “Guess” shirts. I had no idea I was suppose to cuff my jeans or own a jean jacket. I didn’t get the memo to have a “BUM” book bag on the first day of school.
I felt like a First-Day-of-School-Failure.
I now see commercials for J.C. Penney’s where girls are all ready for the first day of school just because they shopped at Penney’s.
Back in the 1980s, when my dad was a teacher and my mom was a school secretary, money stopped growing on trees, so my mom took me shopping at Hills. It was a different form of child abuse – to have to wear clothing purchased at HILLS Department store – oh, the horror!
Eventually, once Defiance opened its first mall, we had Deb and Maurice’s settle in town, but even then, I only usually was allowed one outfit from either place as a Christmas gift.
And, oh, shopping at Goodwill was another fashion no-no! I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a Goodwill store or wearing pants from a garage sale.
But like all young girls, we all grow up to adults where we have to learn to balance a budget. I now only shop at Kohls, and that is only when I have a 30 percent off coupon and even then, I only browse the clearance racks. I haven’t received a 30 percent off coupon lately, so that means my kids will be wearing brand-spankin’-new WallyWorld shirts on their first day of school.
Then, once the kids are all back in school, I can head over to our local Goodwill store to stock up on “fall designer” clothes.