Items go missing upon arrival of children

Pens, markers, paper, tissues, tape, glue, cups, bowls.

You name it; chances are at one time each one of the above items had its “home” within our “home.”

But then, we had children.

Now, I am lucky I can let a day go by when I don’t have to search high and low for a pen, or a piece of paper, to write a note.

It’s as if a magical fairy whisks around the house, picking up random items and then stashes them in never-to-be-found places.

Pens and markers are generally moved from the kitchen and I find them in boxes, baskets, play-kitchen areas, clipboards or the twins’ craft table.

Paper. My children have probably killed 100 trees each because for every single activity in their minds, requires paper. And, it’s not just one piece of paper. It’s generally a ream of paper. My favorite “gem to find” is when I find a teeny-tiny circle cut out, in the middle of the page (somehow) and the rest of the page is tossed to the ground.

Tissues. If someone had told me, “Buy stock in tissues” 10 years ago, I would have laughed. Now, it’s not so funny. I don’t understand the NEED to have so many tissues to blow/wipe one tiny nose. We tell them, until we are blue in the face, “Use the tissue more than once! They are not free!” But it seems as if we talk to rocks instead of children, because nothing is comprehended.

A recent conversation, regarding tissues went like this:

Seth: “Where is the tissue box from our room? I just put it there this morning!”

Me: “I don’t know Seth. KK was using tissues. Maybe it’s in the car?”

What Seth doesn’t realize is during my day of taking care of our twins, plus making sure Ethan gets on the bus, plus making sure I feed the twins and making sure they get to school … the last thing on my mind is “Where is the tissue box from our room?” I think he should realize by now, that sometimes, it’s best to just not ask me questions and just say, “Well, thank God the house is still standing today!”

Tape and glue. For the past three years, most birthday gifts are given in bags with pretty tissue paper. It’s not that I don’t own wrapping paper; I just can never find the tape. However, if you want to know where the tape has gone, just arrange for a viewing of the twins bedroom.

Cups and bowls are used for a variety of activities in this house. Bathtub toys, pool toys, outside restaurant toys, painting, bug collecting, mud-pie making, etc. But you know what is not used? The LIDS. I have so many AWOL lids in my one cupboard, I could probably melt them together and form a couple more bowls.

Now, I have to prepare for two birthdays this week … so, Grandma and Chrissy, yours will be in a bag with pretty tissue paper, with the card written in crayon.