School isn’t just for kids anymore: Why parental involvement is a P.I.T.A.

My oldest brought home his weekly folder.

A note from the teacher said, “WS 3-6, 3-7” … missing homework.

I asked Ethan, “Why didn’t you get the homework (for math)?”

His response, “Because our Adobe wasn’t updated on our computer, so I couldn’t print it off.”


I pay a STUDENT fee for what I ASSumed was textbooks this school year.

Ya know … those books that have hard covers with pages in the middle for TEACHING.

I didn’t get the MEMO about making sure my Adobe was updated.


I guess he was suppose to print it off at school, but ran out of time because he was taking a test on the computer too.

So, back to this “missing homework” and him receiving a “check-mark” for the homework that wasn’t done.

I wrote a note, telling his teacher that I wasn’t aware we needed to print homework off at home.

Let’s jump to science, shall we.

He has a 1-inch binder, with five separations for various items – papers, vocab, homework, etc.

The TEXT I received today from the science teacher is telling me to look over the binder. The binder, get this, tells me I HAVE TO WRITE TWO SENTENCES about the positive remarks he received, and what he needs to work on.

To know that I am now being required to WRITE TWO SENTENCES isn’t absolutely ludicrous.

Excuse me … I graduated from school and college. I put my time in, and I have three kids – my job now is raising them – not writing sentences and being required to update my Adobe program.

My degree is in journalism. Not education. I am a wife, mom and journalist. I am not a teacher.