Homecoming isn’t what it used to be

Thanks to fashion trends and the invention of social media, attending homecoming in 2013 isn’t what it used to be for today’s teens.

According to Facebook, here are a few postings from friends (edited for space and content):

DRESS SHOPPING – “Heading to the mall now, to find a dress for the homecoming dance that starts in nine hours.”

INSTAGRAM INSTANT PROBLEMS – A girl posted a photo of herself on Instagram in THE homecoming dress she bought to wear to the dance. A few days later, she learned a fellow student bought the same dress. And, since we all know the fashion dos-and-don’ts … one girl is wearing the dress and the other is now searching high-and-low for a replacement.

HOMECOMING DRESSES 2013 – This is a CLOSED group, which means someone somewhere is very, very serious about her homecoming dress because the Average Joe cannot belong to her group.

THE HOMECOMING DRESSES – “Start the school year off right with the perfect homecoming dress.” This is a Facebook page dedicated to all-things related to the homecoming dress. If you happen to wander over to the page, let me know if you think the girls on the page are in high school, college or in their mid-20s. Most of the page is filled with “glitzy short dresses” that are sure to “impress.”

What happened to the days when girls wore a nice skirt and sweater, complete with a matching turtleneck and the guys wore a clean pair of pants with a button down shirt?

I wasn’t aware I was going to need a second mortgage to pay for my daughter’s impending high school dances.

This isn’t a homecoming dance anymore folks. This is pre-prom.


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