“Reward box” screws parents

crap toy

Fourteen days – that is how long the wait has been for George to earn his behavior chart prize.

For a 5-year-old, that’s an eternity.

For a parent, it came too fast.

There I was, in the aisles of my favorite “Dollar Store,” scouring for the BEST behavior toy I could find for … well, a buck.

I guess the old saying is true, “You get what you pay for!”

I bought a few items for the “reward box” and left, thinking I had scored THE deal of the century for my son with a “48 piece METAL construction set.”

I thought I was buying a knock-off Lego set.

I didn’t realize it was literally a METAL construction set with nuts, bolts, screws, a screwdriver and directions written in Caveman dialect.

But, being I was the mom who bought this “Made in CRAPVILLE” toy, I had no choice but to buck up and help my 5-year-old put this POS METAL construction bike together.

After 10 minutes, I declared it “done” and we all ate our muffins together at the kitchen table.

At the mere moment, the twins are dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song and I am typing this blog.

And above this blog is the final product, with picture of how it’s supposed to look and how ours turned out. Turns out, George and I got screwed.

By the way, another item in the prize box was a baggie with four quarters inside, and both kids turned that prize down.

Crappy toy trumped money … I think a lesson was learned today — Money is always better, even if it’s loose change!