Thanksgiving – don’t let November fly by

Every year the holiday of Thanksgiving gets smaller and smaller. And Christmas seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

A holiday that is one day of the year, as opposed to an entire month (like December), loses its meaning the moment the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 1.

Toys R Us already distributed their gift guide, detailing the top 20 gifts children “will ask Santa to bring them.”

Commercials on TV are already telling our children what to look for under the tree that is still in storage in our basement.

Stores are already beginning to set up holiday displays.

How am I supposed to explain to my three children that before we can even think about Santa, we need to give THANKS first when everywhere we look, Christmas is being shoved in our faces.

We need to give thanks for our faith; our families; our country; our health; and our home.

We need to give thanks that every day, we live in a country where we are given the freedom to be who we want to be – not what someone else wants us to be.

We need to give thanks that every day, we are allowed to make our own decisions.

We need to give thanks that every day, we have the chance to improve our lives and make them better than the day before.

We need to give thanks that every day, we are fortunate enough to wake up and see the world around us while others may be too afraid to look out their window.

We need to give thanks that every day, we as Americans have the opportunity to go to work, where in some countries there are no jobs available. Here in the United States, there are jobs that people can have. Yes, they may not be the best jobs on the planet, but at least you have a job. Be grateful.

So, this November, don’t say, “I can’t wait for Christmas!” or “I dread holiday shopping for my family.”

Be thankful … be thankful that you have your life and that you are able to live it every single day.

And while you’re at it, teach those around you how to be thankful because we all know life can change in the blink of an eye.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – don’t let November fly by”

  1. as a Brit, living in the USA, I am fairly new to thanksgiving, but I have to say it is my favorite holiday now for all the reasons you mention: a holiday for gratitude!

  2. Yes, I totally agree. We even have people who posted their Christmas lighting up in our neighborhood. Maybe its the general air of gloominess in the country that’s contributing to it, maybe people just want their favorite holiday to come already. Whatever it is, I don’t like it.

  3. Thanksgiving is beginning to be a forgotten holiday. It’s rather sad that stores open up shortly after dinner for early ‘black Friday’ sales. I too think we should give thanks and spend the month of November doing just that, before we start preparing for Christmas.

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