Ever since our extended winter break, everyone seems to be in slow gear trying to get back into a routine.

For the past three days, my oldest son has ignored his alarm clock and listens to the awful static-laced music that is programmed to go off as a signal to “wake UP!”

It’s even hard for me to crawl out of bed at 7:15 a.m. since I am still on “Vacation Time Bedtime” of finally shutting off my reading light around 1 a.m. I know I should go to bed earlier, but something happens around the 10 p.m. hour. The children are nestled all snug in their beds and suddenly, a burst of energy rushes through me and therefore, I stay awake till 1 a.m. or later.

This needs to stop.

But it isn’t just my oldest son and I who cannot seem to adapt to the New Year.

I am not sure if my daughter is going through a growth spurt, but she has been eating as if she is going into hibernation. She is also sleeping-in, which was fine during winter break, but now that I am trying to get back into the school-time routine, it’s not working out very well on my end.

Today, I had to wake her up.

First, it started with me opening the bedroom door; followed by pulling up the blinds and opening up the curtains. If that doesn’t work, I turn off the sound machine that drowns out all “night noises” and that usually works like a charm.

When she finally cracked her eyelids open this morning, she declared, “MOM, why did YOU wake me UP? Yesterday at school, I was YAWNING because I was so tired!”

Welcome to the club Katie!

Your dad and I have been members of the “Wake Up at the Butt Crack of Dawn” club for at least 11 years, if not longer. Waking up before we had children wasn’t such a big deal.

We’d smack the alarm, roll out of bed, shower, get dressed and leave the house for work.

But, after our son was born, we knew that sleeping in and leaving the house in a timely manner flew out the window like a puff of smoke – poof! Gone! For more than 11 years, we have been woken up at all hours of the day and night – including middle of the night when all nighttime creatures are roaming the woods behind our house.

So you see, my dear daughter, me waking you up this morning from your lovely, cozy slumber is what adults call KARMA. You woke us up, along with your womb-counterpart, to be fed every three hours for the first six months of your life … and your brother, well, he saw me on a nightly basis well into being 2 years old.

I couldn’t help but giggle this morning when Katie declared how tired she was – after all, being 5 must be exhausting … just wait until you are 35 my darling little girl!

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  1. lol, regarding Katie’s karma)) i had the same thing happen to my son; he is 7 and for few days in a row, he is waking up tired.. maybe it is just winter..

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