Time to REBOOT

Sitting in the living room on a Monday night, my “favorite” TV show is on (Lizard Lick Towing) as my husband reclines in his chair.

As of lately, we have not been seeing “eye-to-eye” and I think it’s time for a REBOOT here in BFE.

His favorite pastime as of recent is “Bread Bitching” – this is where every other week, he bitches about the bread situation in our house. I either buy the wrong bread; bread that we have is not thawed (because I seem to be the only person in the house who knows that unused bread is kept in the freezer); or once in a blue moon, there may not be any bread (again, clearly I am the only one who knows where the store is in town).

But it’s not just about bread.

He also likes to screw around with my laptop – updating it; removing files I need; removing programs I use – he calls it “fixing things” … I call it “Screwing it up and now it doesn’t work!”

With spring slowly approaching (and by slowly I mean … I am starting to wonder if we are just going to spring into summer), that means our massive 2.5 acres of land will need attention; the pool will need to be summarized (that is always, always a trip … one where I would almost pay someone to come to our house to help); the garden will need to be rototilled (which takes longer to start the machine than it does to actually rototill the small area, meanwhile, I just stand there watching him curse); and of course, mulching is a day’s work.

Being married has its ups and downs.

I wish he would blog about me because I would love to know what goes on in that CPA-head of his in regards to me.

But since we know each other very well, I can already guess what his blog would say.

Let me try:

“Melissa, she is not a chef … she is not even a cook. She cannot cook. I eat what she makes, because otherwise, I would starve. She can make a mean taco and spaghetti, but otherwise … I wish she would stay out of the kitchen. The other day, she made fish … who screws up fish? Melissa, that’s who!

Melissa cannot write a check without screwing up the checkbook. She went to school for journalism, and she can write, but how many times can one person screw up the checkbook? Today, she voided her second check within a month. She just doesn’t pay attention to what she is doing. She calls is multi-tasking, I call it “fudging it up big time!”

She is loud. She talks too much. She is nosy – she may be the nosiest person on the planet. But, I knew all of this before I asked for her hand in marriage, and I went through with it anyways.”

And I think that is why our marriage works. I am his complete opposite. He is quiet, shy and intuitive. He never makes a decision without first thinking everything possible detail. I am loud, outgoing and pretty much go-with-the-flow. As a stay-at-home/journalist, I don’t have time to second guess myself … there are times I have to “act now” or risk it all.

I guess that’s kinda what I did when he got down on one knee all those years ago – I didn’t think about the future, I acted in the moment.

And, I am glad I did (most days!).