Raising ‘hungry’ kids from sun UP to sun DOWN

It is the first official week of summer vacation – yes, it really did start last week, but my oldest was on vacation with his grandparents. Therefore, this week, starts week ONE of summer break.

My food supply is already dwindling, with my patience and energy a close second and third.

Today’s toasted cheese sandwiches were made on … hotdog buns. I bought a big container of strawberries on Saturday. They are gone. Popsicles … well, those are considered a hot commodity here, so we are slowly running out of those too.

My kids wake up around 8 a.m. – that is if I am lucky.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter what time they wake up because they generally eat from sun UP to sun DOWN.

Three kiddos eat more food than I do during a given day.

I don’t know if it’s boredom kicking in, or if they are truly hungry.

I try to tell them the kitchen is CLOSED, but that only seems to entice them more into entering into it. I think it becomes a game.

“Let’s see who can score some grub before getting tossed out of the pantry/kitchen!”

And at various times within a 30 minute time span – one that is immediately following me washing dishes (hence the KITCHEN IS CLOSED) – they slowly sneak in.

I am usually sitting by my desk, or sitting in the chair and I hear this:

“Derek … Derek … DEREK!” – KK whispers, and then yells.

“Katie, be quiet!” – Derek whispers.

“I want a rice Krispie bar!” – She tells him.

“OK … me too!” – He replies as he slowly opens the pantry door.

“NO! NOT THAT ONE, I want the one with chocolate DRIZZLE on it, not the CHOCOLATE FLAVORED ONE!” – She declares.

“FINE, TAKE MINE!” – Derek “whispers” back to her.

And then it’s quiet, for a mere moment. Crackle, crackle, chomp, chomp.

The snacks are devoured.

Then I hear the water dispenser from the fridge being used in what is most likely the 100th cup of the day. (I love doing dishes.)

And then, and then … my oldest elephant walks up from the basement, looking for his fourth mid-day snack.

But he steps in the water that is now on the floor in front of the fridge – in his socks – (I love doing laundry) and screams, “WHO SPILT WATER ALL OVER THE FLOOR? GOD KATIE AND DEREK, CLEAN IT UP!”

In an effort to “help” my family this summer, I believe I shall just drink copious amounts of wine (to save on food costs) … in the same glass (to save on dishes) … day after day … while wearing only my swimsuit (to save on laundry of course!)