Summer nights = MOM time

When I was growing up, I never understood why during the summer months the major TV networks repeated shows that were shown during the “regular” season.

I remember settling in to watch “Growing Pains” or “Full House” only to soon realize I had already seen the same episode five weeks ago.  But of course, I would watch it again because back in the 1980s, we only had 10 TV channels to choose from, not 1,000 and inevitably, it was the “only good thing on.”

Flash-forward 25 years later and I now understand.

The clock on the wall is chiming 10 p.m. and I am finally sitting down to “relax.”

There is no time to watch TV because all I want to do now is curl under my sheet and go to bed. I have zero energy to even watch TV shows that I have recorded from the end of the spring season, so I generally lose interest by the time fall rolls around and forget they exist. Sorry, “New Girl” but that is how you and I went our separate ways – blame my kids for our breakup. It’s “me, not you.”

On the flip-side, when I do find “summer shows” I enjoy watching, they are canceled – thanks CW for tossing “The Carrie Diaries” into this category. That was my favorite show because I fell in love with “Sex and the City” as an adult. All I wanted to do was see how Carrie made it to New York City and met Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. Damn you network execs – that show was my guilty pleasure and you took it away from me! Now I am stuck trying to understand HBO’s summer series, “The Leftovers” and I think they left me behind after the first five minutes.

Alas, it is now 10:15 p.m. and I relaxed by writing for 15 minutes. Now I have to go put two laundry baskets of clean clothes away that way tomorrow I can do some more laundry. Eventually my head will hit the pillow … ZZZZZzzzzzz 

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  1. Boy, do I understand……and thanks for reminding me, I need to put my swim towels in the dryer for tomorrow. Summer days drifting away
    To, uh oh, those summer nights

    Love your blog!

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