Suffering from post-vacation depression

The worst part about going on vacation is basically, going on vacation. And that is because just like others before me, I need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation.

So, what’s the point?

Alas, from June 21 to 27, I was on “Island Time” – Sanibel Island, Fla. time to be exact.

And like Zac Brown suggested via his country song, “Toes” I had mine in the water and rear in the sand, with a fruity drink in my hand – mai tais were the vacation favorite.

Since my return to “reality” I have had little time to reflect on my vacation, until now – probably because I am up to my ears in laundry; weeding my garden; and draining water from my flowerpots after what appears to be a monsoon hit Lorain County while we were gone.

But, in terms of family vacation – this one was by far the best and (almost) went on without any major problems.

The resort where we stayed had beach access; five swimming pools (one with a conch shell slide for the kiddos); a tiki bar; corn hole; Ping-Pong; an eco-system room filled with sea creatures of all kinds; and fun-filled activities such as afternoon Bingo and jewelry making.

During the trip, I saw more smiles on my kids’ faces than I did all winter in Ohio – including Christmas morning. Nearly every day was declared, “The best day EVER” by one, if not all three, of them.

My oldest and I spent so much time searching for sand dollars and star fish; we became pros at it by the week’s end. We even learned that when you pick up a sand dollar, as a defense mechanism, they tend to piddle on your hands.

The highlight for the kids, aside from just being in a new environment, was the gator farm outside of Moore Haven, Fla. The farm had more alligators and crocodiles than you can imagine. Not only did we witness crocodile feedings, but each one of us had the opportunity to hold the terrifying, leather-feeling reptile.

The only day that was not “awesome” was the dolphin cruise. The boat was too slow, the weather was too hot and muggy and it took us nearly 45 minutes to actually see a dolphin. But, once the dolphins made their appearance, all other problems seemed to melt away.

When Friday evening arrived, my hubby and I enjoyed dinner alone. We sat in the restaurant, engaged with each other while drinking wine and eating our outlandish-costing meals.

And at that point it hit me … I didn’t want to return to the mainland. Who would?

I had even considered taking a job on the island and living in a tent. My other option was to contact a television network and have them cast me as part of a new show I was going to debut, “The REAL Housewife of Sanibel Island.”

But, as I began pondering my new career as a socialite, I saw two local TV crews down the block from our condo where broadcast journalists were interviewing residents of another condo unit that caught fire after it was struck by a bolt of lightning. My journalistic instincts kicked in and I walked down to investigate the scene. I even told the camera man I am a “reporter from Ohio” because deep down while we all know going on vacation is a break from reality, reality makes us who we are – and I did miss my job.

2 thoughts on “Suffering from post-vacation depression”

  1. I know that feeling you are talking about, somehow on this last vacation when I came back I have been trying not to go back to the rat race and so far it is working. Not sure every is crazy about it but still enjoying what my vacation taught me.

  2. We spent a week on Sanibel two weeks before you were there and I found myself thinking the same thing about living there, except I never changed my mind! I even caught myself eyeballing the school there, thinking, “I could even teach here!” We stayed at The Island Inn in one of the cottages – did the same thing last summer, too – and will be back again next summer. Sooner, if possible!

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