A new chapter … ALL DAY SCHOOL

A new chapter in our lives has begun.
About 15 minutes ago, my husband and I watched as our 6-year-old twins boarded the school bus.
I wasn’t sure how the morning would pan out. Our son is much more reliant on his sister, but this morning, she was the one seeking his hand as they walked down the driveway. At one time, he even swatted her hand away, but she grabbed it back.
When the bus pulled up to our driveway, Derek hoped on the bus so fast I didn’t even have time to snap a photo of him walking up the steps. KK on the other hand, took her sweet time. Derek looked out the window with a big smile on his face. I am not sure what KK’s facial expression was because I could not see her.
And then, in a blink, the bus drove away, carrying the two children I carried with me for 37 weeks. The same two children I have spent the past six years caring for every day of my life. And, even if I wasn’t with them every single day, I was thinking about them when we were apart.
But it’s time.
It’s time to let them spread their tiny wings that we gave them all those years ago.
It’s time for them to meet new friends and learn how to be independent of each other.
And while they may be gone for a better part of the day, away from me, my job as a mom is far from over. Being a parent is a never-ending job, only now it includes making sure they have the tools they need to embark upon the journey we call … LIFE.

First day of school ...
First day of school …