Melissa and the no-good, absolutely horrid day

Today was an epically horrid, God-awful day.
Since having kids, I can count the number of days when I have cried because I am overwhelmed. Thankfully, it isn’t a lot.
But today, the tears flowed and I actually walked into my daughter’s elementary school a blotchy-mess … I am not a pretty crier. Red blotches and blood-shot eyes are what the school security lady witnessed.
I felt bad for her, but luckily, I know her, so I stopped caring.
Before the school safety officer saw me, my husband received this frantic phone call …
“SETH …” sob, sob, hiccup, hiccup, sob, sob.
“WHAT’S WRONG?” came the voice booming from the phone.
“KK has strep,” sob, sob … “I have to get her from school …” sob, sob … “I can’t do this!!”
“Well, I have a job too …” the voice said more firmly.
“WELL I DO TOO!!” sob, scream, sob. “I have to work tonight too!” SCREAM.
I think the last time I screamed into the phone to Seth I told him, “I HATE THAT YOU PLAY BASKETBALL!” and that was in February 2003 – after Ethan was born.
So see, it isn’t a lot, but I bet if anyone else would have heard our conversation today, they would have thought I was a lunatic and my husband was a bastard.
But the truth is, I just had a crappy day and the only one I can turn to who understands my life is my husband, and he isn’t a bastard. He is my rock.
Sure, there are days when I wish I could call my parents to help, but they live 2.5 hours away, so that isn’t an option. And even if they lived in the same county, I am used to doing things on my own, without anyone running interference. It’s crazy enough when they offer their unsolicited advice … I just toss them into the imaginary “Suggestion Box” and walk away. Since the twins were born, that box has reached maximum capacity. I think I need to get a new one.
Anyways, as I write this blog, my rock has returned home and the kids are running around the house (despite the girl having strep), pulling each other on blankets. I am pretending all is right with the world, because I honestly don’t think today can get any worse … (sure did jinx myself eh?) …