Woman’s identity based on husband makes her MOST fascinating person

My blood has been boiling ever since 10:50 p.m. yesterday.

While attacking Mt. Laundry last night, I flipped the TV to “Barbara Walters: Most Fascinating People of 2014.”

Usually, I have a vague idea of who the people are being interviewed. Or, if I don’t, I can catch on pretty quickly, as was the case last night.

However, as I folded clothes and the clock ticked away until it was 10:50 p.m., Walters still had not announced her MOST fascinating person of 2014. For much of the televised show, I thought it was Taylor Swift. I accepted that and continued sorting through socks.

But then, the interview ended with Swift and the announcer said, “Stay tuned for the MOST fascinating person …”

I was excited.

Who was this person?

I was almost on pins and needles.

But then, Walters came back and actually told the viewers, “You most likely won’t know her, but we all know her HUSBAND, George Clooney.”

And then, my ears began to bleed.

Did Babs really just say that? Did she really introduce a woman based on her husband’s name? Are women are still being defined by their husbands in 2014?

It floored me that Walters, a known journalist, actually presented her in that way, “George Clooney’s wife.”

Granted, she did touch upon the woman’s career, and I would have been more impressed with that lead-in rather than the one we all heard on national television. By the way, Clooney’s wife’s is Amal Alamuddin, now Amal Clooney. And, she is only 36.  Age aside, she is a lawyer, activist and author. I would have been more impressed if Walters lead with those attributes than “George Clooney’s WIFE.”

Throughout the segment, Walters spoke about Amal’s fashion sense; where the wedding took place; and other non-relevant details.

This makes a person fascinating? What about Amal made her fascinating? From the sound of it, getting George Clooney to “put a ring on it” signed the deal. That’s pretty pathetic considering I know many more ladies who are worthy of the title and they either are single, divorced, widowed or yes, married. But, they have names. First names to be exact, and all of them are fascinating in my book.