The sun is shining. It’s roughly 65 degrees outside without a cloud in the sky. A slight breeze blowing through the trees.

My three children walk ahead of me, stopping to look at a frog sitting near a lily pad in a pond.

My oldest points out the other frogs near-by and they inch in for a closer look.

After the frog, they all join hands and walk slightly ahead of me on the path.

I smile.

“Life is good,” I think to myself.

And then, and then, I wake up!

WELCOME TO SPRING BREAK 2015 – a time when the weather generally sucks and the kids fight 24/7.

Today marks the first day of spring break. Actually, it starts tomorrow, but in my mind, it starts the moment the kids simply KNOW they don’t have school for a number of days.

And the whining and fighting ensue.

We are not “those” parents who take their kids on a Disney Cruise for spring break – mostly because we can’t afford it and also, I don’t think I could handle being on a boat with my kids for seven days – plus the other 100 kids aboard the same ship. No thanks!

It was different when I was growing up … both of my parents worked in the school district where we lived, so they were on spring break the same time my brother and I were, so we had the opportunity to take a mini-vacation.

So, on this SPRING BREAK 2015, I have no idea what I am going to do with the trio … I guess if there was a guarantee that they would act the way they did in my dream, I would consider taking them on a day-trip … but since they are my kids, I know better and we will stay put. And perhaps I will make a few trips into the office … to regain my sanity.