Stay Strong Beantown

I remember this day … and I will never forget this day.

The Edge of Parenthood

I don’t like running. It gives me shin-splints, and I tend to get winded quite easily.
But I love Jazzercising. During an hour of Jazzercise, we work out the equivalent of “running” five miles in an hour.
Now, imagine doing something you love – running, walking, jogging, bicycling or even Jazzercising – and in the blink of an eye, what you love to do is suddenly associated with an act of terrorism.
On a day that started out with a beautiful sunrise in Ohio quickly turned into a day of darkness in Boston.
When the marathon runners began their race, their only concern was crossing the finish line – some didn’t even make it that far. Others who were close turned and ran to be aides for the injured.
My cousin runs marathons, so I have heard stories firsthand the self-sacrifice – he has spent hours training for a run…

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