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Fishermen of the ponds

Fishermen of ponds
Fishermen of ponds

 So, this happened today …

After spending $19 to legally catch fish in Ohio, I took four kids fishing today … by myself. Solo. Single. Numero Uno.

By myself, I loaded up the Traverse with four fishing poles and one tackle box, plus a bag full of drinks and snacks. I wasn’t going at this without backup. Drinks and snacks were my backup.

The first stop was our local pond steps away from a playground – that was my other backup plan. If the kids got bored, I was going to toss them into the gated play-yard. Which, for my daughter, the playground was more of a thrill than trying to fish. I couldn’t blame her though … the pond was filled with algae and seaweed. If I was an adventurous cook, or a cook of any kind, I would have kept all the seaweed the kids caught and turned it into a side dish tonight with our … chicken.

I thought the back pond would have been better at the park, but amazingly, it was worse. I had my fill of algae and seaweed. It was time to relocate.

After allowing the older two kids to walk into town for a snack and drink to their liking, we packed up the vehicle and moved on to bigger and better fishing locations. Err … bigger and better ponds.

Just down the road from our house is a reservoir. I was certain someone would catch a fish there. No fish, but we caught rocks. And by rocks I mean I had to change at least five hooks because they were getting stuck on rocks under the water, near the shoreline. I didn’t even know what I was doing, so I winged it. I winged it five times. By the fifth replacement, I told the kids if anymore rocks were caught, we are leaving.

Alas, no more rocks were caught, but neither were any fish. However, despite the lack of fish caught, the kids seemed to enjoy the outdoor experience … maybe by the end of summer they will all become master fisherman of the ponds.