You can blame it on the rain … Cause the rain don’t mind … And the rain don’t care … You got to blame it on something

“Blame in on the Rain” by Milli Vanilli

Everywhere I went yesterday, moms of all kinds had the same expression on their faces … This summer has officially sucked.

Remember the 1990s one-hit wonder by the duo Milli Vanilli “Blame it on the Rain?”

Yeah … that’s it.

Dear Mother Nature – You have officially ruined the summer of 2015. And, if you don’t start providing some sun and a bit of heat, us mothers are going to go ape shit.

Yesterday, at Splash Zone I walked in on a mom yelling at her pre-teen. I didn’t hear the argument, but I heard the words, “Do you want it taken away until THURSDAY NOW?”

Yesterday, at Subway, a stressed out mom was telling her kid to stand in line. He wanted to sit at a table. She then had to tell him “We are NOT eating here! Let’s GO!”

And then, the icing on the cake was provided by a mom at my son’s t-ball game.

She and her two daughters sat next to me on the top bleacher – oh, wait, let me say this, we signed George up for OUTDOOR T-BALL … NONE of the games have been played OUTSIDE. Week after week, Tuesday and Thursday after Tuesday and Thursday, nearly 20 kids ages 7 and under are crammed into a gym to play games. By the end of the “games” half of the kids are bored and sitting on the floor. It’s not as fun playing indoors because you can’t play with grass, flowers or watch squirrels run up a tree. There is no dirt to toss or birds to watch. These poor kids are literally stuck playing t-ball. And they are sick of it.

But anyways, back to the mom and her two daughters … for several minutes, I thought it was my two kids causing ruckus, but then I remembered my oldest is on vacation and my other son was on the “field” so I was wrong. I was only dealing with one kid at the moment while the two next to me smacked each other. Usually this mom brings magazines for her daughters to flip through, but for some reason, she failed to bring “Redbook” and “First.” It was probably a parenting fail she won’t ever make again. The girls continued to whine, yell and smack each other until one smack was a bit “too harsh” and ended in tears.

“Don’t hit her!” the mom told the oldest.

“She did it first!” the girl replied.

“I don’t care. You don’t hit her BACK,” the mom said.

“SHE DID IT FIRST!” the girl said between gritted teeth.

“STOP!” the stressed out mom said in reply.

So you see Mother Nature, I’m not 100 percent sure all of these incidents that took place on July 14 were in correlation to the shit weather we have been experiencing in Ohio, but I’m blaming it the rain and in the end, I am blaming it on YOU.

All us moms, or hell, even parents in general, are asking is for the remainder of the summer to be just that … SUMMER. NOT SPRING OR FALL. Summer. We are craving days spent poolside. We are missing days when the kids can turn on a water hose and just spray each other. We want SUN for crying out loud! So please, we are begging you on our hands and knees … just end the shitty cold, dreary, damp, sunless days and replace them with hot, humid, oppressive heat before it’s too late and we all end up zombies.

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