‘YOLO’ winery because you only live once

The Edge of Parenthood

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The wine glasses say it all – YOLO – “You Only Live Once … on Earth.”

The quaint, yet retro wine bar, “YOLO” located at West 2nd Street in Dover, Ohio brought together people from every walk of life the evening of August 22, 2015.

Many locals were there supporting YOLO’s owners, Kim Mishler and Gloria as they celebrated their one-year anniversary of opening the wine bar in the quiet town of Dover.

But, for my husband and I, we were there celebrating our 15-year-wedding anniversary sans our three kids. And it truly was our version of heaven on earth, and probably the closest I will get to New York City for the next five years.

The atmosphere alone screams sophistication with a touch of coziness thanks to the couches set up throughout the bar. I was honestly waiting for the cast of “Sex…

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