Welcome to Parenthood: The New Crazy Train

“Do it!” they said.

“It will be so fun!” they said.

“It will be the best part of your life!” they said.

Having children is the craziest thing I have ever agreed to, only this time around, I had a partner to partake in the shenanigans – my husband.

Every day, we drag our limp, tired, despite-being-caffeinated bodies into our vehicles which then take us to work or through the school drop-off line. Drive here, drive there. Pick up, drop off.

It never ends.

Some days it’s a wonder we don’t use wooden toothpicks to keep our lids open.

Our once sharp minds got lost somewhere between middle-of-the-night bottle feedings and diaper changes. Every minute of sleep we miss out on equals one less productive brain cell.

Welcome to Parenthood: The New Crazy Train – it’s a place where we are all permanent riders. We all manage to screw it up at some point or another. No one is perfect; and if you think you are, this blog site or Facebook page isn’t for you and its best if you go find a place where they serve cookies and milk while discussing raising perfect children.

On this site/page, feel free to let your opinions flow (I only ask that you be respectful of others) and share your stories on your own personal ride on Parenthood: The New Crazy Train.

So, grab a drink and let’s get rollin’ …







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