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A broken heart that loved the world

A little girl who I only “met” via Facebook less than 24 hours ago has stolen my heart. And now, her heart and soul belong to Jesus.

Something happens when I troll Facebook and see what my friends are up to. Facebook offers me a glimpse into their world – good, bad or otherwise. And because I am naturally curious and compassionate, I tend to continually scroll through news feed after news feed to see how everyone is doing.

Week after week, I kept seeing a mom I know asking for prayers for a 2-year-old named Maryssa Rivas. I wasn’t sure who this little girl was, but because I am a mom, I wanted to know why she needed prayers.

I learned she is a twin. She was born in 2013 and recently celebrated her 2-year-birthday.

But unlike her twin, Maryssa has spent endless hours and days in hospitals, hooked up to tubes and IVs. Early on, Maryssa was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. Yet every photograph I saw of Maryssa showed a smiley toddler. Her blonde hair and toothy grin were enough to bring joy to those all around her – even in lonely hospitals. I don’t know why, but some children are put on Earth for only a short period of time, but in that time, they manage to capture the hearts of everyone they encounter – doctors, nurses and other patients.

And again, I don’t know Maryssa. I don’t know her parents. I don’t know her siblings.

But, what I do know is there is a lot of love and faith in the Rivas family that extends beyond bloodlines. It will be their love and faith that will get them through the next week and lifetime as they gather to not mourn, but rather celebrate a little girl who brought so much life into a world she lived in for less than three years.

Maryssa’s sister, Malinah, will forever have a Guardian Angel by her side through all of life’s ups and downs. And, when she least expects it; I have a feeling Maryssa will send her sister signs from the Heavens to let her know she is still at her side through it all.

Prayers to the Rivas family tonight from the outskirts of Cleveland.


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