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Diaries hold the keys to the past



People often ask me how Seth and I have made it to 15 years of marriage.

There is no secret, only honesty …

As in I honestly have no idea, but for some reason, we have managed to make it work like a fine, oiled machine. Tinkering along the way, we have created a life together that now includes our three kids.

In those brief moments when we look at each other and wonder how we managed to get from Point A to Point B, I pull out my water-stained, waved-paged diary from 1995. It is the one place where I allowed my deepest thoughts and emotions to be stored away, hidden from everyone else – especially from my parents.

It’s too bad that many of today’s teenagers rely only on texting or Facebook; because my love story is found between blurred lines and pages of a diary. And, when I die, my kids will be able to read and understand what I went through to get a single date from their dad.

“December 2

D.D. (Apparently writing out Dear Diary took too much effort on my part in 1995),

Speaking of moving on (earlier in my post I wrote about a guy I liked who decided to re-date his old girlfriend), tonight, my mom and I went to a wedding for Sandi Klein’s sister. Sandi introduced me to this guy. I felt silly at first, but it got better. We danced like three slow songs or so. His name was Seth and he goes to Defiance College. He was really nice and I had fun. What was so sweet was before he left, he came over to where I was and said, “Well, I have to go to work in about an hour but it was really nice meeting you.” Now most guys I know just would have left without saying a word. Who knows, maybe I will get a date out to this. I DOUBT IT! Love, Me.”

It gets better …

December 6

D.D. (Still too lazy I guess),

Well guess what! My mom heard from Sandi who heard it from Seth’s mom or sister that he is (was?) interested in me and that Sandi has to get more “info on Melissa.” So my mom gave Sandi our number to give to Seth, but so far I haven’t heard anything and probably won’t at this rate.”

For those of you reading this, you are probably a bit confused. See, back in the 1990s, we didn’t have cell phones, Facebook, email or the Internet. We had these amazing devices called telephones, along with landlines. And, if you wanted to talk to someone, you had to dial a seven-digit number. It was truly a scary time for guys who wanted to call a girl because chances are, if you called the number, the dad was going to answer it on the other end. PURE TORTURE I TELL YOU!

You know what else pure torture for me … back in 1995 … waiting NINE LONG ASS DAYS TO GET A PHONE CALL FROM SOMEONE WHO WANTED TO GO ON A DATE! NINE DAYS TO A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL IS A LIFETIME.

So, we didn’t even go on our first date until Dec. 15, 1995 – ate dinner at a local burger place called “Nancy’s” and saw “Father of the Bride: Part I” – Seth must have been desperate to go on a date with me since he caved and agreed to see that movie. I must have been desperate to go on a date with him a few weeks later when he took me to see Bruce Willis’s worst-movie-ever-made, “12 Monkeys.”

But even so, fate must have intervened because I had no intention of going to the wedding with my mom. My dad bailed on her, so she practically begged me to go. I worked my morning shift at McDonald’s that day, came home, took a nap and then got ready. I put extra hairspray in my hair that night so that my permed hair would stay “puffy” and not fall flat. I wore what I considered my best dress – a plaid, Amish-type frock with a white collar and clunky shoes. I was every guy’s dream girl.

In church, I saw Seth, only he had no idea I was scoping him out. He sat in between his parents wearing an olive green suit (which I finally made him donate to Goodwill, along with my Amish frock). After the ceremony, he and his dad were putting on their coats in the back of the church when his dad wanted to introduce him to a friend. Seth obliged and that’s all I remember until he hunkered down at my table and asked me to dance.

During the dance, I am pretty sure I shook like a leaf, burning 5,000 calories because I was THAT nervous.

We have often reminisced about that day, laughing at how we were set up at a wedding and how pathetic we both were being so nervous around each other for three slow songs.

Between the move from one side of our state to another; changes in jobs; kids; and countless laughs, we have somehow managed to become the conductors of our own CRAZY TRAIN LOVE STORY.

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