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A day away from the Wi-Fi

My children served as guinea pigs to an in-house social experiment on their day off from school due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Today, they were rendered device-less and had no connection to the Wi-Fi.

No iPhones, no iPads. There were no video games. No one watched any “YouTube Sensations” trying to make millions by sharing their secrets to the world of Minecraft.

While they were puttering around the house (the twins) and sleeping (the soon-to-be 13-year-old), I swiped the devices from the kitchen countertop and nightstand. After turning them off, I hid them in the best place in the house. A place no pre-teen or school-aged child would even think to look for such a device – inside an empty tampon box within plain sight of everyone.

BOOM … that happened today; and it was amazing.

Rather than holding an electronic device in their hands, they used their hands and played actual board games – like Connect Four, SORRY and cards. They made up games using various balls they found in the house. They used Christmas gifts and made bracelets.

And the most amazing feat of all … they SURVIVED! They survived without being connected to the Internet. They managed to live under the same roof without going into fits of detox or rage. Sure, a decorative angle may have attempted to go on to her final resting place (I brought her back to life with superglue) after the boys were using my vaulted ceiling as a backboard, then, knocked her off a high shelf. But, it was a small sacrifice for a day spent sans electronics.

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