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Parenting Workshop highlights parental problems in every (normal) house

Ever have one of those moments where after you read something you feel as if it was purposely directed toward you?

On Friday, I left my happy trio at home with my husband as I escaped … err … left for vacation … I mean work. (Remember, Friday nights are my six hours of freedom where the only person I have to check-in with is my editor. Otherwise, I sit blissfully inside my cubicle where I listen to the scanner with baited breath to see if I have to cover any type of breaking news.)

Anyways, about 45 minutes into my shift, I received a text from my husband, telling me our 7-year-old son will be going to bed early for being a “smart ass.”

Interestingly enough, five minutes before reading the text I read an e-mail sent to me by my editor who needed me to write a brief about an upcoming event.

The event was a parenting workshop.


Reading through the material it occurred to me that maybe I should attend the parenting wisely workshop.

“As a parent, have you ever asked yourself, ‘How can I stop my children’s fight?’”

Yes! Every single time they begin to squabble I pretend I am a castaway on a deserted island where it’s just myself, white sand and tree producing unending coconuts.

“As a parent, have you ever asked yourself, ‘How do I stop temper tantrums in public?’”

Yes! This happens every single time I take my kids to Wal-Mart or a decent restaurant. Why do I even bother anymore? And the kicker is, it’s not the younger two causing problems, it’s the older child who I have resorted to simply calling “The Antagonist” in our family.

And, not only will this workshop help answer those questions, BUT, it will also tell parents how to:

  • Get their children ready for school – I’m assuming without a constant fight that causes the kids to nearly miss the bus since they blame me for “hiding their shoes” in front of the door.
  • Do their homework – Another battle I forge through on a daily basis. If it isn’t arguing with my oldest to complete massive projects for honors English, it’s fighting with the twins to practice their spelling words. One would think I am asking them to donate a blood.
  • Get ready for bed – Holy cow, again, these people must be living inside my head! By the time 8 p.m. rolls around, my husband and I are exhausted – having three kids can do that to a couple. Anyways, the last thing we want to explain 1,000 times is the reason for brushing teeth. There are nights we feel it’s not even worth the argument. Fine, don’t brush your teeth – but don’t come crying to us when you have a cavity that needs filled!
  • Stop interrupting – Are you serious? That’s all my kids know how to do probably because they have been doing it since they were born. The kicker is, they typically only interrupt me when I am making an important phone call. Although, by now, I have come to the conclusion that if I need to have a private conversation, it is best if I just chat on my cell phone, in my bathroom, with the door locked.

So, for any parents reading this column who are in the same sinking ship I am on, a free parenting wisely workshop will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 22 and Feb. 29 at Lorain County Community College’s iLoft building in Room 119. And, in case what is discussed during the workshop doesn’t sink in during two hours, parents will receive a course workbook. Register today by calling (440) 366-4038.