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Sorry, PTA: I’m not sorry.

I believe in telling the truth and being honest. It’s two of those morals that were instilled in me by my parents.

And since then, I have sucked at lying and I am brutally honest.

Take it or leave it. I don’t care.

So, yes, the “PTA Replicating Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi” is on-going here in my children’s school district.

And true, I was not at the now infamous “Teacher Reveal” night; however, a reporter by nature, I made sure my facts were straight before I unleashed the hound known as my blog.

Last week, I “broke the news” that the local PTA turned away at least three, if not more, families, during their super-secret “teacher reveal night.”

Basically, it went like this (no sugar coating) …

You give $5 (to the PTA to be a member) and you get to see who your child’s teacher will be for the 2016-2017 school year a mere 10 hours before everyone else.

Read the sentence again.

Teacher reveal only. For a $5 membership fee.

No $5, no teacher name for you.

Class lists were kept under lock and key (unless you were privy enough to get those super, super secret details – probably for an extra $5).

Anyways, I expressed my opinion on the “membership drive” and caught hell for it from all PTA lovers-alike. And how, those same PTA-lovers have begun attacking my ethics as a journalist.

So sorry, I’m not going to sit on the bench and watch your “clique” bombard me.

Yes, I am the most hated person in our teeny-tiny town. That’s cool — hate away.

So, those who hate me don’t necessarily hate me for me. They hate me because I expressed my opinion in a public format.

And now, they want me to apologize.

Here I go:

“I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I’m sorry that I shared with the public and social media how I felt. I’m sorry that you feel I single-handedly destroyed your reputation. I’m sorry that I am not one of you. I’m sorry that I find other ways to volunteer at the school that you deem unworthy (like signing up for bringing extra snacks and goodies for students and flowers for teachers and volunteers at the end of the year). I’m sorry that I am not you. I gave up trying to be in a clique about 20 years ago. But that does not mean I don’t love our school district any less … I just have a different way of showing it … and I’m sorry we don’t agree.”

There, there is my public apology that you thought you were owed.

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