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Spring 2020 Sports Gear Collects Dust

Sporting Gear During COVID-19 be like ...

The $125 track shoes are still in their neon bag. The $100 practice running shoes are sitting on the floor. Begging to see a track. The track uniform, sitting in a drawer somewhere in the teen’s bedroom.

The soccer shin-guards are still hung up on hangers from the fall season with the faint smell of Lysol after being sprayed in October. The soccer shoes? Collecting dust in a closet nearby. They want to see a soccer field.

The three huge water jugs – green, blue and red – sit together in a corner of the pantry. They want to be taken to track meets, soccer practices and baseball games. They want the possibility of being left behind on a bench, only to be returned to my child’s hand, being lugged back to the car.

All of my kiddos’ sporting goods are begging for attention.

Oh how I miss the days of sitting on cold bleachers, covered in blankets with my winter coat on as my teenager runs around the track in a pair of shorts. I miss using an umbrella to shield away rain drops, watching as he hands the baton to a teammate, all while saying a silent prayer the baton doesn’t drop to the ground because of slippery hands.

To not be able to sit on the sidelines during a soccer match, screaming “OFF SIDES” to the ref who could care less about my sideline coaching. Or to argue with the opposing team’s parents about rough playing on the field. I miss the smell of the mud clinging to their shoes, usually with embedded grass.

While the official word has not come in as to whether or not the baseball season will be canceled, I can only hope and pray that it’s not. But, seeing as how the Olympics have been postponed, anything is possible in the aftermath of COVID-19.

The only silver-lining is that maybe IF they cancel all spring sports around Ohio, maybe by June the “Shelter-in-Place” order will be lifted; and we can teach our kiddos how we played sports in the 1980s/1990s — by meeting up at the community basketball court or baseball diamond.