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Spring 2020 Sports Gear Collects Dust

The $125 track shoes are still in their neon bag. The $100 practice running shoes are sitting on the floor. Begging to see a track. The track uniform, sitting in a drawer somewhere in the teen's bedroom. The soccer shin-guards are still hung up on hangers from the fall season with the faint smell of… Continue reading Spring 2020 Sports Gear Collects Dust

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Coping with community deaths

Well, in our tiny village, we must be the BEST strongest soldiers because within the past five days, we have endured two life-altering battles. And we are still here for one another, holding each other up through all the pain.

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Getting pulled over … causes mom to pause

Driving down the road, my mind wasn't on the drive at all. I wasn't paying attention at all. I make the 4 mile drive to the community park, once, if not twice per day. I was driving on auto-pilot.

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My December Saturday

Anywho, I decided against my better judgement to bake cookies. My grandma used to bake the most mouth-watering treats. We’d literally would fight over her cookies. She doesn’t bake anymore, so I attempted to bake sugar cookies today. Dear heavens above, they were the most ass-tasting cookies I have EVER made!