Music fills our memories

Growing up in the 1980s with a dad who loved music molded me into the woman I am today.There is picture of me when I was around 2 with a set of headphones on, belting out a song.As I grew up, I would spend hours in my bedroom channeling my inner Madonna, Whitney Houston, Debbie … Continue reading Music fills our memories

School fashion in 1980s vs. 2013

Everyone who has a social media account tends to chronicle the lives of their children. I am guilty as well. I am just thankful Facebook wasn’t up and running when I was a young girl – because being a child in the mid-1980s was a scary time with balloon pants and mega-perm hair-dos. And, if … Continue reading School fashion in 1980s vs. 2013

Why don’t kids play outside?

When did kids lose the ability to play OUTSIDE?A friend of mine let her two older daughters outside recently, and they just stood on the deck, starring at her like deer in headlights.They had no idea what to DO outside.In the summer during the 1980s, I was outside from sunrise to sunset – only going … Continue reading Why don’t kids play outside?