Middle school dances — awesome or lame?

The year was 1990. I was 12 years old – not even a “teenager” yet when I went to my first junior high dance. It cost $2 to get into the “Skylark” – the dance club for teens in my hometown. Inside the double doors was a coat rack that led to a small eatery … Continue reading Middle school dances — awesome or lame?

Homecoming isn’t what it used to be

Thanks to fashion trends and the invention of social media, attending homecoming in 2013 isn’t what it used to be for today’s teens.According to Facebook, here are a few postings from friends (edited for space and content):DRESS SHOPPING – “Heading to the mall now, to find a dress for the homecoming dance that starts in … Continue reading Homecoming isn’t what it used to be

A life taken too soon

Ten days ago, a local teenager changed the cover of her Facebook page.In September, the cover showcased characters from “Supernatural.”On Oct. 5, it was changed to a photo displaying the sun shining from behind clouds with the steeple from a church near the bottom.The girl who changed her Facebook page took her own life the … Continue reading A life taken too soon