The Life of a Working-Stay-At-Home-Mom

Thirteen years ago, I left college for the “working world.”After working in newspaper-industry for four years (college), I had an idea of what my life MAY be like down the road … long hours, deadlines and demanding editors.And for about a year, that was true. Granted, not to the extent I was prepared for – … Continue reading The Life of a Working-Stay-At-Home-Mom

Why journalists are journalists …

Reporters careers are being eliminated all across the world – in every nation and state, newspapers are folding. I am very fortunate that the local newspaper I work for, The Chronicle-Telegram, has remained strong in an industry that is slowly being replaced by … well, I am not really sure, but I am guessing the … Continue reading Why journalists are journalists …

Born to be a Nose … journalism in my blood

Every Friday since January 2013, I leave my chaotic life of “mom of three living in BFE” and enter a place where adults fight over sentences, curse at the television and where a scanner buzzes at high volumes, alerting people of emergencies.I go from my house in the country to the newsroom at The Chronicle-Telegram.And … Continue reading Born to be a Nose … journalism in my blood

Electrical gadgets + Country MOM = FAILURE

I am a journalist.My parents spent thousands of dollars on my education at BGSU.After four years, I walked away with a BS in Journalism – the way I look at it, that “BS” could stand for a lot more than “bachelors of science” because honestly it’s just a piece of paper telling the world I … Continue reading Electrical gadgets + Country MOM = FAILURE

Life BEFORE my life

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she said to me, “I never thought my life would be like this.” I said, “What do you mean? You mean, like driving your kids everywhere … being a mom?” Yup, that was exactly what she meant. The mom saw herself working in a New … Continue reading Life BEFORE my life