Motherhood is.

At the heart of every chaotic scene is a mom who wants nothing more than to crumble at her feet and assume the fetal position. But she can’t. She has to take control of every situation and try to either improve it or end the behavior that started it in the first place.

Getting pulled over … causes mom to pause

Driving down the road, my mind wasn't on the drive at all. I wasn't paying attention at all. I make the 4 mile drive to the community park, once, if not twice per day. I was driving on auto-pilot.

Life – Could there be something more?

Yet the reason why I blog isn’t too tell others how to live their life, or to even complain about my own life. The reason I blog is to let other parents around the world know they are not alone.


A MOTHER'S TRUE LOVE “To my Children, If I had to choose between loving you and breathing … I would use my last breath to tell you … I love you” –Anonymous Many of us, myself included, do not regard being pregnant as dangerous. But the truth of the matter is, it can be. Before … Continue reading A MOTHER’S TRUE…