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Am I selling myself short?

I thought, well maybe I could write about being a mom to a teenager. After all, I do have one of those living in my basement at the moment. But, since he rarely talks to me, he doesn’t give me enough material to write a daily blog about his life. No cash there.

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Spring – the time of non-stop sports and crappy meals

Is there a day after Friday that I am not aware of? Is there an extra 24-hours in a week that is hidden away from moms like me as other parents watch and laugh at our poor ability to juggle careers, school, homework, dinner, practices, games and meets?

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The True Faces of Parenthood

Dark circles form under our like dirty little pillows. And they never go away and we always look tired. No amount of concealer, makeup or sleep will make them disappear. They are our permanent tattoos signaling our demise into parenthood. It sucks.