‘Goodwill’ Hunting

Why didn’t my husband take the time like I did to go through each item before chucking it aside? Why didn’t he give a rat’s ass about the books? Why didn’t he CARE? Because to him, the two books were shit.

Homecoming isn’t what it used to be

Thanks to fashion trends and the invention of social media, attending homecoming in 2013 isn’t what it used to be for today’s teens.According to Facebook, here are a few postings from friends (edited for space and content):DRESS SHOPPING – “Heading to the mall now, to find a dress for the homecoming dance that starts in … Continue reading Homecoming isn’t what it used to be

School fashion in 1980s vs. 2013

Everyone who has a social media account tends to chronicle the lives of their children. I am guilty as well. I am just thankful Facebook wasn’t up and running when I was a young girl – because being a child in the mid-1980s was a scary time with balloon pants and mega-perm hair-dos. And, if … Continue reading School fashion in 1980s vs. 2013

The Griswold’s (aka Naymiks/Linebrinks) take Myrtle Beach

It was as if Chevy Chase was prepping for a new “National Lampoons” vacation movie. But instead of a dysfunctional family of four, it was a dysfunctional family of seven, sometimes eight, as three Naymiks and five Linebrinks traveled to Myrtle Beach from June 21 through June 29. Here are a few excerpts from our … Continue reading The Griswold’s (aka Naymiks/Linebrinks) take Myrtle Beach

‘Shopping’ for a new church

We are currently in the market for a new church. The one we currently belong to, we feel, for lack of a better phrase – is old and worn out. It’s not saying we don’t like our church – as in the building. But, the congregation is starting to drag us down. We have had … Continue reading ‘Shopping’ for a new church