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Washing Machine Woes: Part II

Well, the bitch isn’t fixed. In case you all missed the previous column, our washing machine (which is known as a SHE to all repairmen – hence the bitch description) took a dump nearly two weeks ago. The washing machine repairman has been here twice. He SAID he fixed it today, but he didn’t. Not… Continue reading Washing Machine Woes: Part II


Electrical gadgets + Country MOM = FAILURE

I am a journalist.My parents spent thousands of dollars on my education at BGSU.After four years, I walked away with a BS in Journalism – the way I look at it, that “BS” could stand for a lot more than “bachelors of science” because honestly it’s just a piece of paper telling the world I… Continue reading Electrical gadgets + Country MOM = FAILURE


“A Case of the Mondays” times … three

My “bad Monday” actually started on Sunday. The towels were done “washing” and I had to toss them in the dryer. Only I couldn’t because they were still soaked with water and appeared to weigh more than my 80 pound 9-year-old. I attempted to “spin” them again through the machine … only it didn’t help.… Continue reading “A Case of the Mondays” times … three